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CBA AoFE and CBAv17

by Pine & obi11 - 301 downloads

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Made some changes to make the map more balanced to the current CBA map and created an AoFE CBA version. Changes suggested by obi11 and map made by Pine.CBAv17:Aztecs: free Squires researchSaracens: Lower pop to 64, Imp kills moved up to 700, increase spawn speed by 1 sec Chinese: Castle time to 250 killsTurks: Imperial time to 650 killsSpanish: Imperial time to 700 killsBug fixed: -P2 3rd Spawn gets stuck when changing spawn distance with relicAoFE CBA:Same changes from CBAv17Britons: Yeomen available only in Imperial Age.Vikings: Imp kills increased to 550Huns: Marauders only available in Imperial Age.Franks: Chivalry only available in Imperial Age.Incas: 250 Kills for Castle Age; 350 kills for Imperial Age; 2 Razings; 80 Population.Magyars: They start at Castle Age; 600 Kills for Imperial Age; 1 Razing; 90 Population.Italians: 300 Kills for Castle Age; 500 Kills for Imperial Age; 1 Razing; 70 Population.Indians: 300 Kills for Castle Age; 750 Kills for Castle Age; 3 Razings; 60 Population; Non-elite unit.Slavs: 300 Kills for Castle Age; 600 Kills for Imperial Age; 2 Razings; 60 Population.
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